Our principle is: Focus details and do others can’t do. China company main business is: manufacturer, design trading, distribution and retail. Business covers Europe and USA etc. Due to fast development of Asia countries, our company takes new sources of suppliers from 17 years of experience in China. and established solid supply chains to service worldwide customers. The main intention of China company is to provide better connections and service for our customers and suppliers through good communication to get convenience for all partners. By adding multi models of business types, it is able to provide one stop buying service to international customers including 3 core business: manufacturing, marketing and logistics. Comprehensive distribution service is now provided to all partners from Asia covering these 3 core business. Our specialty is: To think for customers, to find customer wants. Design and develop according to customer and market needs as well as vendor compliance, material purchase, information collection, factory sourcing, control during production and shipment, shipment consolidation in China and Europe side.

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电话: 86-571-82821190
传真: 86-571-82821191
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Hangzhou Home Fashion is a company dealing with home textile mainly including Curtain, Quilt, Bedding Linen, Rug, Curtain Accessories, Kitchen Set and Fabric for home use, etc. It was founded in 2007 and has design support from Italy who has experiences of more than 100 years in Design. Going along with historical export business from China, in the near future China will not only be a purchasing place, but also a huge developing consumer market with its open policy to open world on manufacturing, distribution and retail as well as its strong growth of economy and buying power.Connection between China market and world economy, China mainland is becoming main manufacturing basis for the whole world and will be most sizable market of consumer products soon. To cope with China’s growing market, higher production level and perfecting foundation built of logistic system, we want to become part of current international supply chain to show our management advantage on this supply chain.In foreseeable future, unlimited business opportunities will be given to all customers due to further growth of export ability of China mainland and potential of domestic consuming market covering 3 main aspects of export trading, operation and retail.
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